Entertainment is valuable

GMS helps people forget about their cares and worries, lightening loads and giving laughter. 

Whether you want to chuckle or be uplifted in your day-to-day life, GMS has something for everyone!

AND there is space to discuss the moments more serious in the world as well.

:: How we accomplish our purpose ::

We bring traditional media formats to non-traditional platforms.

We intentionally share a variety of voices and perspectives that reflect the intersectionality of life in both the long-term (i.e. teammates) and the day-to-day (i.e. interview guests, guest hosts, etc.).

Interested in being a guest?

We believe it is important to be receptive to audience members we’ve just met, provide an environment that calls in and trust that they share or can learn to share our values in order to avoid insular behaviors (i.e. “fit”) that can be the downside of community building

We build programming that is consistent and reliable, and bask in the concept of slow and purposeful; and avoid taking paths that can lead us outside of our values.

:: VALUES ::

We strive to understand what it is like to not be us – and give others around us the benefit of the doubt.

:: Compassion ::

Learn more about us and our purpose

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