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GMS creates fun, high-quality and uplifting entertainment and exists with the intention to find, promote and share good - and the people who make it happen - with the world.

Know someone whose efforts we can share with the world? Please let us know. 

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:: Guests Philosophy ::

We acknowledge that GMS is founded by two cis-gendered, heterosexual white men with biological families; these are privileged positions.

Interviews are intended to be wide-ranging and scheduled in a way that reflects our purpose, how we accomplish our purpose and values.

Guests do not have to be an existing member of our audience; in fact, they are ideally completely new to our audience, especially if a creator.

Guests, at minimum, should be vetted on social media against elements of hate speech and discriminatory behavior; we likely won’t be perfect, but we will try.

More often than not, we’ll try to connect a guest to something timely – their upcoming event or new content; a news event; a fundraiser, etc.

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